Swingshot Cyclops Pro HD Golf Camera



I had an opportunity to review the Swingshot Cyclops Pro last week. One of 3 models, the whole unit can be slipped into your golf bag among your clubs. You can plant the monopod, push record and go about your pre-shot routine without disrupting play or distracting playing partners.  No need for any special mounting gear or help from a friend.

Cyclops Pro is an HD video camera and spiked monopod combo which allows for quick and easy set up on turf. The unit includes a wide angle lens, microphone and count-down timer and it records in 4 modes. Geotracking technology is built into the unit but not up and running with Google Maps yet. Scenic Mode captures HD quality video at 1080p resolution and 30fps; you’d use Scenic Mode to capture the playing experience at Pebble Beach, for instance.  The remaining 3 recording modes: Course Mode, Lesson Mode and Range Mode have slight variations which have to do with recording time and manual timer settings. They all record 720p video resolution at 60fps which can be used for swing analysis.

The unit wasn’t particularly intuitive to use at first; I had to read the rather lengthy manual to get up and going efficiently.  (I very rarely read a manual – whether or not I should!)  Once I did look over the reading material, I found the unit really simple to use.

I’m extremely impressed with the ease of use setting up and capturing video. Once you’ve captured your shots, how you’d like to view it is up to you. Video files can most easily be imported into a smart phone or tablet – you can’t play videos back on the unit itself.

Uploading on to your PC involves several steps which may be frustrating for less tech-savvy users. Step- by-step instructions are provided in their 36 page manual however.  I’d like to see Swingshot come up with some proprietary software that loads immediately once the unit is plugged into your computer. I’d also like the option to view on the small screen – though I imagine, it’d be something one would do sparingly given the size of the display.

The price point for the model I used, retails for $299.

Who would be interested in this camera? Anyone working on their game and wanting to record an accurate representation of their play on-course vs. their swings during practice on the range. Is it appropriate for a teaching professional to use for golf swing analysis?  Check out the video clip below and assess for yourself.

Special thanks to Dave Burningham, National Sales Manager for Swingshot.  If you are interested in the product please contact Dave directly at: dave@swingshot.com .  If you have interest in a sales rep relationship with Swingshot, I understand they are looking to expand their reach.